If there was one word to describe Marketing Heist it would be: Profambitechnatious (Profit Driven, Ambitious, Techie, Tenacious).

Is there a word that describes 80% of your current work day?

If words like ‘boring’ ‘tedious’ ‘unfulfilling’ or any of those jump to mind when you think about your job, then you’re in the right place.

The fact that you’re here right now tells me that

  • You’re curious about better options
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You’re looking for more out of life
  • You already are brimming with damn good ideas
  • You have an uncommonly positive mindset but…

Chances are, you’re feeling isolated. You might hear people being encouraging around you, but… they just don’t ‘get it’.

Maybe you have no idea where to start or what to do, to really make the impact to your bank balance that you know in your heart you are capable.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at when it comes to your online journey, I know … you want (and deserve) MORE.

Which is where I come in.

I’ve poured myself into MarketingHeist.com for one reason.

I’m here for YOU. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, earn some extra cash so that you don’t need to keep ‘just scraping by’ or maybe you might even want to quit your day job?

Then this, again… is for you.

This site is built for you because, I’ve been where you’re at.

And I’m here to help you step over the speed hump you might be facing and take your success all the way as far up as you want.

I believe in you. You have the ability, the inherent ‘baby you were born this way’ level of ability.

You have the ability to create your OWN profit path.

You can change people’s lives, bringing joy to their lives AND yours.

You can make your mark on this planet, finding your out of this world idea and sharing it on a HUGE scale.

You deserve happiness. You deserve love and most importantly, you deserve respect.   I’ll help you get all of them.

In short? You’ve got something special to discover and share with the world… and I’m here to help you find out what that is and help you find the vault and pull of the ultimate heist of your life.

Hey! I’m Raymond Wallace and I’m PASSIONATE about helping everyone who really wants help, discover the direct path to huge digital marketing success.

So…. how the heck, did this become my life?

In 2012 I was working in Australia. I was born and raised in Arizona so living abroad felt like an exciting adventure for my beautiful wife, Evelyn and I. We were teaching in a rural school, but pay was shockingly low and although Evelyn and I had each other – being in the country was terribly isolating.

We both felt stuck, under-paid, underutilized and most frustratingly… creatively bone dry. The routine of life was soul destroying!

We had gone to Australia thinking we’d experience some great, exotic, mysterious adventure – and had found ourselves doing the same thing we’d done our entire lives… just on the other side of the planet.

I know this sounds terribly ungrateful – it’s not that we hated our lives. In a lot of ways, we were blessed! We had our health, we had a reliable (although quite low) income and the community we were in were lovely to us.


It felt like we were living under a suffocating cloud of… bland – when in our hearts, we had dreams of SO MUCH MORE!

Which is what spurred a conversation over a bottle of ‘red’ wine (it was so cheap, it didn’t even have a name… just ‘red’.)

Evelyn and I started pouring our hearts out to each other. We talked until the early hours about our desires to be teaching, but on a larger scale. Helping hundreds of thousands of lives – in areas that led to markable differences to individuals and families all around the world.

Back then we didn’t even know it could lead to THIS becoming our full time income – but after creating the blog and experiencing some small victories, one thing led to another… and business EXPLODED!

We would have never imagined in a million years that our lives would have come to this.

Getting paid to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about beginning and growing their business – and helping them transform their lives.

Just three years after we had created our blog, we left teaching in schools – to now, teach online on a scale that honestly… blows our minds.

Every day we are eternally grateful to that hot Australian summer and that questionable bottle of ‘red’ wine – and mostly… to YOU – for being here on this page.

With online materials, free training, our Facebook group and this blog we’ve been able to help over 100,000 aspiring entrepreneurs, bright-minded, ballsy go-getters LIKE YOU create a life for themselves online.

And now we want to help YOU too.

If you are new here, welcome!

To get started, take this quick (free) quiz that will help us (and you) discover the areas of your business that you should focus on – and traps to avoid.

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And thanks for dropping by, we honestly appreciate you being here and look forward to hearing of your stories of success soon too!