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Need some extra cash fast?  Here are a few tactics you can use to give an extra kick to your traffic and sales in your online business.

Top companies are hiring smart, creative marketers to act as their secret weapons for growth.

We now call them growth hackers, and their tactics and strategies can propel your marketing game into the big league in no time.  Observing they way they operate, it’s pretty easy to see a few patterns forming.

I’ve broken them down here, so you can hopefully get some ideas and see revenue hitting your bank accounts fast.

BY THE WAY… if none of these really jumps out at you as something you’re able to do, with the resources available to you right now – don’t worry!

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1 – Offer Content Upgrades to Build Your Email List

This is something marketers have used for years, but I did feel I should list it because it’s so damn important. Every time you write an article, think of something people reading the article would love to have. If there’s something of value you can offer, invest the time in developing it (e-book, guide, checklist, etc.) and start collecting email addresses on download.

2 – Include Selling Propositions into Contests

Use competitions on Twitter and Facebook to get people to share your marketing materials like product demo videos, explainer animations, infographics, etc. Use something as simple as “share to win” or “tweet to win” mechanisms and your marketing materials will go further for less money. At the same time, you can track those watching the shared materials and retarget them to boost your conversions.

3 – Identify Growth Channels

This means that as soon as you figure out what is the main channel you’ll use to generate sales, and you make it work like a charm, you need to go back to the drawing board. You should talk with those buying your services and products and dive deep into their online behavior. What channels are they using? Where could you go to reach them? When you have your answers, you can say you have identified your strategic growth channels and start investing your time and effort into those. They should help you keep boosting your revenue long after the customer pool in your main channel has dried up.

4 – Design a Conversion Funnel

Your core target isn’t made up of people so similar you couldn’t tell them apart, they’re very different, and they’re also in different conversion stages. You need to know how you’re attracting all of them and guiding them towards the sale.

5 – Increase Your Google CTR to Boost Your Ranking

This is a trick you shouldn’t abuse, but it has the power to get your website a boost on the search engine results page. You can pay a company like SerpClix to get their little clickers to look for a keyword you want to rank better for and click the result, pointing people to your websites. This will give your website a boost and it will be displayed in a better position.

These growth hacking strategies and tactics should work no matter what your business idea is, but I do have to warn you that you’ll have to really get your creative juices flowing and put your skills to work to chisel your customers out of their cash.

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Read Later - DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF >> Click Here <<