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Back in 2011, the company named Crew was struggling. They only had money for another 3 months, and if they didn’t turn things around that would have been the end of them.

While the team was redesigning their website they saw there were no high-resolution free photos online someone could use and the stock photos were kinda expensive. They decided to put together a simple website (a $19 Tumblr theme and the domain) and offer some photos they had left from a photo shoot at their office for free to whoever wanted them.

In the 10 minutes following the announcement that they launched Unsplash, 50,000 visitors flooded the website. It was an instant hit. People were coming for the free photos and also checking out Crew. The company is currently thriving, continuing to expand its team.

Sometimes, finding a problem and doing a little thing to help, or provide something of use that can help people on a daily basis to:

1) save them time
2) help them save money or
3) save these people some stress

and have a marketing funnel or monetization plan of some kind on the backend, rather than having to PUSH for a sale as soon as someone hits your website, can prove to be the best marketing for your business.

Offer GREAT quality and solid reason to come to your website, offer some kind of assistance or help FIRST, show them that you are honest about trying to help them find their solution, deliver value and THEN the money will follow.

This strategy and tactic works in whichever business vertical/niche/angle you’re working with, but I do have to warn you…

BEFORE you even start to plan, you NEED TO double check that you really do have what it takes to make money on the internet.

There are some skills required, fortunately with new software being created – the technical skills are really minimal, but there are quite a few other skills that it’s likely you either have – or… just…. don’t.

Not sure if you have what it takes to be an online, digital marketer?

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Read Later - DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF >> Click Here <<